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Great West Hosting™ provides custom application programming, database programming, hosting solutions, and data driven site design for all size businesses. Our unique service focuses on solving business problems - providing benefits that will directly contribute to your objectives.


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Whether we've designed your website or you've done it yourself, you are going to need somewhere to host it. We have several hosting options available, depending on your requirements.

What is hosting ?

To make your site accessible to anyone anywhere in the world, it is necessary to hire space on a computer (a server) which is permanently connected to the internet. This is called hosting. Hosting is also needed to provide a location for your computer to go to when you type in a domain name. Well, we do that!

What do you offer in your hosting package ?

All hosting packages are located on our dedicated server housed and connected to the backbone of the internet. This provides very high speed network access. They all benefit from full 24/7 server monitoring and support.


Our Data Center

Our state of the art datacenter provides 24 hour monitored uptime with extensive backup power including on-site diesel.

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